May 12, 2008

Wilhelm Sasnal - the circus monkey?

Dear Sirs, Attention! Attention! Attention!

The Hero on the leash!
That's unbelievable! One of the most promising artists of the world, a great painter and draftsman, the pride of the Polish nation!, ruthlessly has been put into circus monkey position and illegally is being held on the chain of the capitalistic machine!

Who let Wihelm Sasnal to be accused of "adding on purpose an intelectualaureole to his own career, mainly to increase his attraction on the artmarket"? Who is responsible for that?We are searching for the culprit! While painting "Untitled (group of monkeys with white margin)" Sasnal even didn't suppose one day he could be put into an animal skin; to enter the role of the star manipulated from behind the scenes. We know he doesn't like it. Although he is getting applause, somebody else is pulling the strings...

Willy! We are with you! We are going to fight for your freedom!

Whielki Krasnal "My name is Sasnal". 2008. Oil on canvas, 117 x 81

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