July 27, 2008

Viva Beijing Olympic Games 2008 !!!

„Impossible is nothing”
Against opponents to the Olympics.

The fashionable topic, where artists manifests their opposition to the Olympics, is most often taken up mindlessly, flat, only because it'is hot news. The bodies surrounded with chains, Olympic rings on fire, made of barbed wires or as handcuffs, are trivial and not very ambitious artistic proposal. It becomes the same banal as colorful rings symbolizing 5 continents living in peace.

„Impossible is nothing” - we are watching lofty sports commercials in the streets of Beijing. Next to it, the banners with the inscription: „Poznań stawia na sport” („Poznań wagers on sports”) are turning up.
Poznan is one of the cities in Poland, where the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship will take place. The local advertising slogan, written In Polish, is turning up at places, which support the issue of beeing fit, or in main, strategic city points.
According to advertisements - Poznań city is supporting Olympics, uniting with Chineses in a sport spirit, following the next this year's Olympic motto „One world, one dream”.

Our action following the occurrences connected to sport in the Beijing took place on the 14 – 22 of July.

All slogans mentioned above have their practical accomplishment in the form of Beijing crowds, who with the passion train in parks tai chi, dances, aerobics.
We observed, as every morning from the dawn till the noon and durring the evening on squares in front of the forbidden city, museums, or in parks, inhabitants are dancing, practising the aerobics, playing badminton, exercising or even they walk back to front.
A normal view is when one of the pensioners, who is talking to friends, at one of the town's high streets, is keeping her leg leaned on the parapet to the level of chest.
We can meet also an old man, climbing with a grin to the next point on The Great Wall.

Chineses are a model of caring for the fitness. They aren't fat, their spines are straight and joints working till old age.
Irrespective of the economic status of each of them, their quality of life is definitely growing because of beeing fit.
The tradition of the Confucian culture with Taoist make them easy to adapt to conditions. They are enyoing everyday life and they find themselves easy in opened strongly developed social relationships.

The list of their interests, apart from sport, is long. In parks we also met groups of people practising singing just for pleasure, playing on traditional instruments, playing cards, practising Chinese calligraphy on asphalt with wetted in the water brush.

There is everything available for everyone for free. That's the result of good intentions and the initiative of participants.

Suprisingly, there is no need for alcohol to be drunk durring the evening public parties and discos.

'One world – one dream'… The satisfaction and pride are dominating on the faces, taking photo with Olympic mascots, in front of the portrait of Mao on the Tienanmen square.

As the silly season has last, we are attaching series of photos to documentation of our artistic action from China.


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