March 7, 2009

The Krasnals in Lille 3000 / Europe XXL festival

In March and April our collective will represent Poland in Lille at the Lille 3000 / Europe XXL festival with the exhibition “Brothers in arms / Last Supper “

Opening - on March 13th at 6.30,
at l'Espace Le Carré
Angle rue des Archives / rue de la Halle, Lille

The exhibition will last till 30 April. s.26

The project “Brothers in arms / Last Supper” presents the intimate relationship between an artist and his 12 contemporaries who influence and inspire his art creations. This is the story about a stereotypical but real contemporary artist. The artist and his ‘Left court’ rule art today, but in these crazy changing times, we observe how they slowly and slowly pass away from the first rows.

We are interested in the problem of art market mechanisms. In our art creativity we analyse it by observing also important differences between the Polish and foreign art scenes. This ‘collective’ that we are presenting is specific characteristic of Poland and created by Polish main art institutions in cooperation with artists. There are many examples like Żmijewski, Althamer, Sasnal, Kozyra, Sosnowska, and so on.

So our project is our tribute to today’s artist and it is mainly for the ‘X generation’ born in the 1970’s.
What the canvases depict is a group of people, united by one main mission and idea celebrating their Last Supper.

There are 13 monumental paintings each measuring 270cm by 120cm, and each one presenting one person. They are formed into an open circle shape. This is to suggest an intimate atmosphere and with private space.

The paintings are done in monochromatic, rough colours, mainly black and white. Dark grey and black figures come off the white background. This way they directly refer to the realistic and the most popular trend in Polish painting done by artists born in the 70’s.

Except the main figure standing in the middle - the “artist” - there are 12 apostles:
A feminist, an ecologist, a Jew, a gay, a leftist, an ideologist, the critic, a catholic, a Nazi, a historic hero, representatives of a national minority and a disabled person. There are 12 persons, they all create the artist and the artist creates them. Despite this, they are also 12 personalities belonging to this artist. Apart from all of these names, each figure has the label “Judas”.

Visitors entering the exhibition space are the kind of participants in this specific ritual; being in dialog with the artist and his fellows. The dialog and participation are crucial, as they are the heroes of today’s social presence and the problems that surround us everywhere. People that come and communicate with 13 fellows on the exhibitions, communicate with them in everyday life as well. Social, economical and political matters are involved in national minorities, ecological, homosexual, Jewish, feministic, historical, religious, etc. problems.

So this is our tribute to this 13 persons collective and to all “Brothers in arms” spread worldwide in the society.


  1. :)
    gość niedzielny

  2. Hi, I'm French and I can't wait to see your works in Lille! BTW - it sounds like you're quite quickly in spreading you're activity all over the world. First China (as I recall), now France. What will be next The Krasnals?

  3. no dobra,ale dlaczego zablokowoliscie dodawanie komentarzy na innym waszym blogu? idziecie w slady krytykanta?

  4. Jesteśmy w trakcie przenoszenia blogu. Wkrótce będzie informacja.

  5. "Projekt jest naszym hołdem dla generacji X urodzonej w latach 70-tych...." no i się wzruszyłem. Tylko dlaczego mamy celebrować Ostatnią Wieczerzę?

  6. Kolego TT nie podskakuj mi tutaj ;)
    bo dostaniesz etykietę „Judasza”.
    -w związku ze zmianami jakie obecnie są wprowadzane(to idzie NOWE!)
    mój obecny nick to: szatan z 7 klasy...
    (jeszcze) gość niedzielny

  7. a ja szatana z 7 klasy już chyba z jakiś for kojarzę. czy to nick przechodni gościu n.?

  8. aaa to w takim razie jak to mówią ,,W sztuce już wszystko było..,,
    nie znam tamtego szatana i proszę nie utożsamiać z tamtym osobnikiem...
    mój obecny nick to: Towarzysz Winnicki (Jan Winnicki)
    -Po udzieleniu kontrowersyjnej wypowiedzi w telewizji o zaprzestaniu produkcji mięsa na okres trzech lat, został zesłany na polityczną banicję do Hondurasu.