June 11, 2011

The Krasnals at 54th Venice Biennale - summary

- Launching new The Krasnals Art Magazine “ART Police Gazette”

- Para pavilion The Kingdom of The Krasnals and Manifesto of “The Dwarves Renaissance Movement in the Fast-Fuck Art World”

- 7 days happening at Giardini and Arsenal “MAKE LOVE NOT ART” – pink festival revolution

- Performance in front of American Pavilion at Giardini “ART IS EXPENSIVE LOVE IS PRICELESS”

- The Krasnals TV at the opening of Polonia Pavilion

- Diversionary action of closing Polish pavilion with chains and hanging on Arsenal bridge The Krasnals banner Pole lifting Meteorite from Pope. 21:37 as the Polish representation at Venice Biennale.

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