February 20, 2015

Jeff Koons and Europe handicapped optimism.

The Krasnals "Handicapped optimism / after Jeff Koons". 2015. Mixed media.

Jeff Koons by his art works promotes optimism and happiness.
But this is not American, just European story, and European dream. How can we look at this joyous challenge in a world full of ups and downs; a vision that is certainly playful and doubtfully subversive.
The ambition is to fault the paradoxes of a theoretical discourse which in modern times has often only found justification in what it believed was its opposition to power. This is a challenge – a turnaround, even.
Several decades have passed. Europe has been shattered, but it seems to have maintained an incurable, uncorrect optimism.
Integrity and authenticity, self-acceptance and dialogue, confidence and responsibility are certainly present in European practice of the method "How to Win Friends and Influence People". And if the so-often thwarted promise of happiness finally does come to pass, it is quite possible that Europe would resolutely want to be its messenger. Uncorrect, and handicapped messenger, not like perfectly glistened objects of Koons.

The Krasnals
The Krasnals "Handicapped optimism / after Jeff Koons". 2015. Mixed media.

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  1. śmiech na sali ....przypominacie wikipedie , które nawet nie podaje ,że Koons jest zwykłym brokerem z wallstreet, który nigdy nie wykonał żadnej pracy własnoręcznie podobnie jak Kostabi wykorzystał marketing i zarządzanie jako formę sztuki ....zarówno jeden jaki i drugi bez koneksji żydowskich nie zaistnieliby nawet na 5 minut a co dopiero jako "artyści"

    Koonsowi można tylko podziękować za parodię piramidy zwierząt i za to że dzięki niemu kilku zdolnych anonimowych artystów ma z czego żyć .......

    rozpatrywanie tego na serio w kontekście sztuki to kpina z odbiorców

    pikuś mały .