July 23, 2008

The Krasnals and Nazis

Nazis - one of essential and the most fashionable topic in the modern art.
If someone wants to succeed and to show himself as a serious artist, he should catch on Nazis or the Holocaust subjects.

The biggest careers in the Polish art and not only, are making artists who subjugate to this rule. E.g.:
- Piotr Uklański - 'Nazis' - the most expensively sold work of the Polish living artist,
- William Sasnal – Holocaust - the main motive in his artistic work marked in west reviews,
- Luc Tuymans – is also successfully using this method. His Nazi enlarged to the big format is decorating Zachęta - National Art Gallery , during the exhibition,
- Marcin Maciejowski - images presenting the events connected with The Third Reich.

We strongly recommend and we are encouraging our other artist friends - follow suit the greatest and paint Nazis. To descriptions of your work please use key words such as: traces of the memories, shadows, the copy of the copy, the strangeness and the distance (it's related to generations born after the war, who didn't survive and they don't remember those events).

Whielki Krasnal 'Stake bigger than the life'. 2008. Oil on canvas. 30 x 30 cm

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  1. nowadays nazi and communism begin to symbolise something exotic, cool and trendy. Young people who didn't experience them, can't feel how it was in real. For them it's only something interesting.