August 10, 2008

Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, for common people

On 9th and 10th August we could see in all Chinese media only glorious articles of big Opening Ceremony of Olympics. It would be everything perfect if we didn't experience on ourselves something else.
The croud of enthusiastic people waiting nearby the great mall, in front of big telebim was waiting for 4 hours for the opening at 8. Euphory was acompanied by Chinese national colours, flag stamps and stickers, animators were warming the atmosphere for common fun. But the screen of the telebim was black before 8 and it stayed black after. Nobody responded on people's screaming "switch on the screen!!!".
At 8.08 we could see from the distance traces of light comming from the Bird's Nest... Everybody disappoinded moved calmly towards the street do see from behind the trees small frames of fireworks.
People frustrated, but disciplined, gathered in 5 minutes all garbage and newspapers they were sitting on. After a while they left the place and moved to their houses. At least there was not so big traffic jam when the Opening Ceremony finished and the official spectators were leaving the Bird's Nest. Maybe that was the concept?

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