December 4, 2009

First exhibition of The Krasnals in Poland

Vernissage - December 16, at 6 pm
and Auction for the Center of Rehabilitation, Education and Welfare Society of Friends of Children "Helenów in Warsaw - Międzylesie (

Skwer - a branch of
Fabryka Trzciny Art Center
address: Krakowskie Przedmiescie 60a, Warsaw
Preview text: # gora

The Krasnals - Last Supper. Brothers in Arms 2009
2009.12.16-30 - time 12:00 - 18:00

We are pleased to invite all of you to a party with The Krasnals, at December 16th. That day will be an official meeting of dwarves, where you can meet members of our family living in the remotest corners of the globe, and establish direct contact with them.
Christmas time for us is always the really busy, because we help Santa Claus (We did his portrait, do you recognize who is it?). During the vernissage we want to raise funds for children for the center "Helenów" - from the auction that will be held at the opening.

And the show that we prepared - series of paintings "Last Supper / Brothers In Arms 2009" primarily refers to the idea of the annual rankings, describing reality of the last preceding period. 13 canvases measuring 270 x 120 cm is the kind of The Dwarves' ranking of the personalities that we think are important for the year 2009.
An interesting fact is that these are our paintings from the exhibition in Lille, in France from the festival EUROPE XXL. We painted for that exposition people who were important to us as local heroes from Poland, and now they have been superseded by other personalities, and - unfortunately repainted
. Underlying concept of this cycle is also the idea of cyclicality and transformation. In subsequent years there will will be exchanged one image to another, as a result of sales or lower popularity. As it happens in a typical turbo-capitalism.

Thus, for 2009 we chose Michael Jackson, Polanski
with a girl of Banksy, Wladimir Putin as Russkij Soldat, Madonna, Nazi Uklanski, Kaczynski with birthday greetings to Barbie, also Angelina Jolie - the first on the list of celebrities in 2009 mainly due to charitable work - in the role of Lara Croft on the Cross by Gilbert & George from their 2009 exhibition "The Church of England". Italian production is a bust with the Berlusconi and Ciciolina by Jeff Koons at the background of pussies by Gomulicki. There is a self-portrait of Disabled Whielki Dwarf as Santa Claus.
Barack Obama in Las Vegas - Current president of America is probably the biggest star and the most controversial media personality of this year - Nobel laureate who sends soldiers to war. He promotes America through the prism of entertainment straight from Las Vegas and through the to no one known area 51. Atomic bombs discreetly decorate his face, and above all, dominatas green U.S. dollar.
Bernard Madoff recently caused a lot of confusion, it identified with the favorite this year, the word "crisis". But laughing sarcasticaly he says: "I'm not the only one".
And Brad Pitt as the Inglorious Basterd of Tarantino.

Below you can see now a few fragments of the paintings, the rest will be in real soon. And after the exhibition - full documentation.

And - we will show on 16th our new movie - "La Grande Bouffe" in four chapters:
Charter 1 – „Macedonian night In Ohrid”
Chapter 2 – “Heaven”
Chapter 3 – “Revenge”
Chapter 4 – “Big watermelon”
Photos come from our recordings in the Balkans. The film referes to the extreme aspects of consumption - especially actual during Christmas. It is funny, hilarious, exotic, very touching and disgusting.

A few small fragments of the paintings:

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