November 17, 2008

Painting of Whielki Krasnal at the charity auction in Cracow

Whielki Krasnal "300 miles to Heaven". 2008. Oil on canvas. 100 x 150

Just on Saturday there will be the auction 'Wielkie Serce' (Big Heart), where the painting of Whielki Krasnal '300 miles to Heaven' will be offered.
It is exhibited already at the Manggha Museum in Cracow.

For the first time in Poland the painting created by The Krasnals will be shown for the public.

The auction will take place on 22nd of November at 5pm

led by Andrzej Starmach
Guest of the evening - the actress Anna Dymna

We declare, that the charity activity for children will be the permanent one led by The Krasnals. As the 'Krasnals' - gnomes - we naturally take care about the children.
Paintings destined for the auctions will concern the subject connected with children.

'300 miles to Heaven' comes from the Polish movie which is the shocking story of two boys living in communistic reality before 1989. The story is based on facts. Brothers decide to run away from Poland to Sweden, to better world. They hide below the track.
This is the picture of great desire, but the price is high - they became separated from their parents.
At the other hand this is the symbol of real revolution, risk, taken by children.

More info about the auction:
at the site of the association Wielkie Serce:

Auction's catalogue at the�)obj=1

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