March 18, 2009

Opening “Brothers in arms / Last Supper“, Lille, 13 March

Our text read at the opening:

Thank you that you came to see this special army which is the artist and his fellows who inspire his art.
But as you will notice, these persons on the paintings represent groups of interest of left art tendencies, probably in Europe, but for sure in Poland.
So these are subjects of interest connected with social problems, politics, like ecology, feminism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, national minorities. But also spheres that artist is dependent strongly on – like particular special philosophers, art critics and curators.

With these 13 persons on 13 paintings we show actually the Polish art created by artists born in 70s. Why? Because they are now in the mainstream, are the most known.

In our art we talk a lot about art manipulation. But in what aspect? Everybody knows that art is the perfect tool for politics, economy to manipulate, to spread its propaganda. And nowadays when it seems like the times of manipulation have passed away, communism disappeared a long time ago, art is still dependent on politics. For example contemporary art in Poland is hold by the well educated leftists, and in one of the books that they printed – volumes of Lenin with Zizek’s words – they call the artists to spread their left ideas.

We know that there is the strong left tradition in France and we wish to have the similar in Poland. We wish a lot to have a real left party or society who helps the people in practice. But in Poland it mainly looks for money from the taxpayers, take care only for its interests, and uses poor people as the topics in its books.
Politics is strictly connected with art market and commercialism, as all art about post communistic times is the best selling one, has its place in the best public and commercial art institutions, galleries.

But if in Europe the situation is similar like in Poland that you can say looking at this Polish example.

We call the young artists for more self-confidence, individuality, independence, for brave and to avoid fashion tricks and art market conditions. Art market and art world became so clear that it needs some strong personalities that would provide some mess and provoke new questions. That’s why we want to be anonymous by the way – to avoid clichés of our personality, age, education, what would put us to some special drawer.

We wish that art is strong by itself, no matter who did it, where the artist comes from and whom he knows.
At least in Poland, in the art field, protection is quite strong and young artists don’t experience the contestation period at all, they immediately make agreement with the mainstream, taking care about their career.
And from our point of view this is the sick situation and leads to stagnation and lack of seeing the truth.
So we are The Krasnals, The Pixies, Les Lutins, immaterial creatures, that with some humor that we love, destabilize, deconstruct some things not only in the world around art, but also inside the art world! We feel this is good for art and we just want to do it!

But we are not quite logic as it can seem – we are against tricks and mainstream stagnation, but we use as you see the same tricks! Why? Maybe to have possibility to say what you just heard in this place, not only to a few people living around us in Poland. And for us paradox is a huge inspiration, then art creation is not boring and becomes fascinating for us!
Illogic, absurd, provocation joined with a good fun are the things that The Krasnals love!!!

Thank you!

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  1. Having read your comments I am confused at the numerous contradictions through it.
    I am amazed at "feminism" being descrided as a "social problem" this puts forwarded a very chauinistic view from the art world, a world that I thought transended such small mind discrimination.
    Another conradition would appear to be the authors view that Polish art is "leftist" yet again the author later wishes Polish art to be "leftist" as with french art?????
    Art depends and feeds on life and politics is inexstricably linked to life.

    Given the opportunity you had to promote your ides you did this by putting forward a very parochial project.

    In places this article verges on the ravings of a lunatic devoid of a true justification of what they should have said.