March 18, 2009

project “Brothers in arm / Last Supper “

The artist born in 70s and his Left court rule today art, but in these crazy changing times, we observe how they slowly and slowly pass away from the first rows. Generally left team makes place for avant-garde ideas representatives, what they will be is not clear yet.
So our project is our tribute to today artist!
The group of people, united by one main mission and idea, celebrate their Last Supper.
Except the “artist” - there are 12 apostles. They all create the artist and the artist creates them. Despite this, they are also 12 personalities belonging to this artist. Apart from all of these names, each figure has the label “Judas”.

- Artist – Wilhelm Sasnal – the most popular artist painter in Poland

- Feminist – Doda –trendy pop singer beloved by Polish masses, criticized by Polish intelligence

- Ecologist – two headed Kaczyński (side effect of bad ecology)

- Jew – Łukasz Gorczyca – one of the top Polish gallery owners – runs Raster Gallery. Jewish subject is always top for Polish serious art.

- Curator – Adam Szymczyk – the most important person in 2009 in the ranking created by (The Krasnals took the last – 100 place)

- Leftist – Sławomir Sierakowski – leader of Polish Left fanatics, loves contemporary art which can promote his ideas

- Ideologist – Slavoy Zizek – you can’t create anything if you are not in the proper context prepared by volumes of trendy books

- Critic – Jakub Banasiak – his past radical opinions changed recently to advertisement of mainstream and are as empty as the baloon.

- Catholic – Jerzy Popiełuszko – a real hero and positive representative of Catholicism from the communistic history. Polish Leftists are fighting against big influence of church on politics and everyday life in Poland.

- Nazi – Piotr Uklański – the artist who became famous and rich thanks to Nazi. The most popular and the most expensive artwork that he sold was showing photos of actors playing the role of Nazis in different movies.

- historic hero – Lech Wałęsa – historic heroes subjects are quite cool for 70s annals. Lech Wałęsa was the leader of Solidarność, also former president of Poland and received the Noble Peace Prize. He is still young and influential for our history, destroyed the communism in Poland, fought for freedom of our country.

- representatives of national minority – Simon Mole – controversial person, he consciously infected Polish girls with HIV. Died in Polish prison. Cause of death unknown.

- disabled
– Artur Żmijewski – known from exploiting disabled persons for his art and promotion, what for us is completely unmoral. One of his favorite methods is mental terror, for example on past prisoners of concentrate camps. We think we should keep respect for these people and it’s inhuman to exploit their misery.

- gay – additional person - could be everyone from represented persons, but homophobia is still too strong in Poland. It is still dangerous shame and unacceptable in Polish society to come out and live normally with your real sexual identity. This invisible, anonymous hero is our protest against homophobia in Poland.

There are 12 persons, they all create the artist and the artist creates them. Despite this, they are also 12 personalities belonging to this artist. Apart all of these names, each figure has the label “Judas”.

14th painting - call to contemporary artist:

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